USMC Veteran/Rancher Raises Mini-Cattle

USMC Veteran/Rancher Raises Mini-Cattle

Don’t think 3-foot tall, like I did.  “Mini-cattle” means the original heritage Hereford stock of 900 pound cattle, instead of the hormone & grain-gorged (up 3,500 pound) versions most ranchers raise today.  These are the real deal folks, and they’re raised by a Vietnam Marine Corps veteran and his wife down in East Texas. (She’s a 6th generation Texan … since before the Alamo!)

At Falster Farm they raise livestock and crops organically and biodynamically and have been for decades, so they’re no newcomer to the trade.  Their stock is grassfed and finished off on clover, making that beef oh-so tasty. And not just beef!  They also raise chickens (of course) and Red Waddle pigs on pasture, have 11 wild-caught beehives going and a cornucopia of vegetables to boot.

They’ve been open to WWOOFers (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farm), volunteers who come for a few weeks at a time to volunteer and learn.  But they are switching gears and plan to offer long-term farm and ranch training to veterans!!    Get your cowboy boots shined up ladies and gentlemen.

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