TPP Update on the Vote

TPP Update on the Vote

It’s not time for the victory marguerita, as the press would you think. There are 3 parts and not all were voted down. However, what was resoundingly defeated was a part of it called the TAA, Trade Adjustment Assistance. This was the part of the TPA that would make sure that US workers who lost jobs due to the trade agreement (and there would be LOTS) would be helped to retrain and find new jobs.

Why, when it safeguarding American workers sounds so good? There were three problems with the current form of TAA: (1) Funding TAA by Medicare cuts; (2) Too small a budget; and (3) Failure to cover all workers, especially public workers (think 500,000 postal workers alone).

You can bet the pressure’s on from Monsanto and other corporate interests whose lobbyists co-authored this bill. They’ll be going for a re-vote, a re-write, financial “incentives” to re-election campaigns, etc. to get this passed.  Remember, the TPP will give Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta and other corporate interests the right to sue countries who do not want their products such GMO seed and pesticides as “unfair trade restriction” in international court. Our Congress (your representatives) cannot amend the bill once it passes.

So …. once again Congressional members needs to be flooded with phone calls from across the political spectrum.

Ask your Representative to oppose any form of TAA.

The populist rebellion that has been taking place, especially during the last week, needs to continue so that Members of Congress know that they are risking their future election if TPA becomes law and rigged corporate trade agreements are given an easy path to becoming law. I was reminded the other day that this country started because of a trade rebellion. Let’s stand for what our forefathers fought for.


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