“Finally, something really POSITIVE!!!!. – Brad

“Awesome video!  As the wife of a 3rd generation farmer, I applaud veterans’ choices to enter into farming. The USA needs farmers!!!” – Gina

“This has been a vision of mine for years now. So glad it is a reality. Thank you so much!” – Donna

“Phenomenal and extraordinary doc and movement.” – Maggie

“I want to thank our military service personnel for their services to our great nation. This is a very good group cause and I can’t wait to see the film.” – Sam

“From PTSD to a healthy life! Bravo.” – Robb

” Wow, what an exciting project.” – June

“Serving in war, serving in peace, let’s support our troops all the way home!.” – Frank

“Just watched “Ground Operations” at a fundraising party. The film is wonderful!  The pace was perfect … never boring and always exciting. So much information was distilled down in a very clear and concise and entertaining way.  The footage was gorgeous and message was delivered on a very worthwhile platter.  You did an amazing job with the polish on the film!” – Nancy

“As a Vietnam combat vet (Army, two tours, two purple hearts, etc) AND a small-scale organic farmer I am so pleased to see this connection between organic/sustainable farming and returning vets.  It’s a natural.”  Bob, Army Ranger

“This is absolutely brilliant. An ‘aha’ moment for sure.” – Jayne

“There’s nothing like the healing atmosphere of being in the outdoors, working steadily, improving one’s little patch of earth, providing healthful products in a poison-free environment, and interacting with happy customers.  Your video puts it all together in a neat and inspirational package.”  Bob, Vietnam combat vet

“Received my copy of the film today and sat down with my wife to watch it. We both really enjoyed it. The video reinforced in me what I already felt with regards to farming and it was empowering to hear the stories of other Veterans who’ve transitioned successfully into agriculture.

A quick bio about me. I served 16 years in the Royal Canadian Navy, I released medically from the Navy after I broke my back after taking a tumble down a ladder in bad weather. During my career I deployed on a peace keeping mission to East Timor, deployed to the Persian Gulf a few times, NATO operations in the Med, counter drug operations in the Caribbean and assisted with local relief efforts after floods and hurricanes. Pretty typical military career. My biggest challenge though was the transition to civilian life as I’m sure it is for many Vets.

I really related to the Navy Vet who recounted the funny looks she got when she mentioned her intentions to pursue a farming career, because I got the same looks.

“I’m currently enrolled at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus studying agriculture with a major in organic food production and I’m hoping to have the skills required to start my adventure in farming on completion. Your film serves as an inspiration to me and a conformation that I’m doing the right thing. Thank you for taking the time to make the movie. I’ll be purchasing a public viewing license soon in order to share this film with my campus.” – Rene

“Ground Operations is the most respectful picture of the profound experiences shared among my generation of veterans.  Thanks for shining a humanizing light on our challenges and triumphs.” – Rob, U.S. Marine Corps.

Check Out these 5-Star Reviews from Amazon!!

on March 18, 2016
Very impressive. 

on January 17, 2016
From the inside out with nurture and nature and not meds and ignoring them. Fabulous program and wonderful movie. Well done on all counts. We need more of these all over the country!!! <3

on October 25, 2015

Great job from the farmers, to the production and film crew. So glad to know there are programs like this available to help Veterans maintain their sense of belonging while providing an opportunity to become involved in something worthwhile. It provides them with the opportunity to maintain their sense of community and become involved in something bigger than themselves – similar to being in the military. A wonderful documentary.

on October 23, 2015

I wish this kind of program for helping our returning heroes could be made available nation wide.

on October 23, 2015
Great movie for vets to see and other farmers not yet involved in the movement.

on October 22, 2015
If you know a Veteran, you need to take the time to watch this great film!

on October 8, 2015
Loved this documentary! The world needs more of this. What a fantastic concept, and a great way to bring beauty, happiness, health and vitality back to the communities. A must see if you are into sustainable farming, CSA, or gardening at home for better health. Also, those who have connections to the military or their families – this is a must see!

on August 27, 2015
Great movie for all military that are getting out to get inspiration
on August 17, 2015
Amazing documentary, being a Veteran myself. I am glad that there is some projects, programs out there that really wants to tackle our PTSD issues.
on August 6, 2015
Being a great believer in organic farming I think this is a wonderful program. Should be publicized more widely, so more participations could benefit from the program, and those interested in buying organic products could support their efforts.

on July 21, 2015

This is a nice little documentary scratching the surface of two separate issues, veteran reintegration and sustaining America’s agricultural industry. It’s an enjoyable little glimpse into the life of a few veteran farmers

on July 18, 2015

An excellent film about pairing returning vets with organic farmers for new careers. A must watch

on July 1, 2015
Such a hopeful endeavor, a win-win solution for our returning veterans, addressing PTSD and providing healthy food for our communities.This idea holds so much promise. Worth watching and worth doing!
on June 20, 2015
I highly recommend this DVD. Very good operation going on here..people should know about it…not just helping vets but learning about quality farming.
on June 9, 2015
Excellent documentary. Need more people like this to help our Veterans!
on May 31, 2015
Encouraging and hopeful.

5.0 out of 5 starsWatch this film

on May 22, 2015

Brilliant on all levels. Its inspiring. It makes me want to continue to try to get back to farm life. Its hopeful. Made me want to try providing an avenue for vets to farm and lend transition support. I definitely recommend this film to any and all. Show this in grade schools!

5.0 out of 5 starsVeterans Farming
on May 21, 2015

Great film that should inspire veterans to make a difference in what goes on the table. I am excited for them. Being a farmer, I can see the excitement in the faces of the veterans who realize how important being able to grow nutritious food is. And, bless the mentors who are able to help some of these men and women get started in the various aspects of agriculture whether it be animal husbandry, dairying, fruits, vegetables, hydroponics, and even fish farming or coming up with a marketable product like that guy’s hot sauce. Go vets. Proud of you all!

on May 16, 2015
This movie documents an ‘everyone wins’ response to the needs of soldiers and consumers. Simply Marvelous!

5.0 out of 5 starsA very timely look at enabling veterans to more smoothly …

on May 15, 2015
A very timely look at enabling veterans to more smoothly make the transition from war to home through the growing of needed produce, farm animals, and community.
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?
on May 11, 2015


5.0 out of 5 starsVery rewarding informational film.
on May 9, 2015

The film was a little different than I anticipated, but was rewarding to she how young people begin farming with mostly realistic expectations, and watching them overcome the major challenges they face.

5.0 out of 5 starsA MUST WATCH
on May 8, 2015
Our veterans are amazing people. Worth every penny that is spent on them. Cut off the welfare leaches and build homes for homeless vets.

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

on April 30, 2015
Wonderful documentary

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

on April 9, 2015
Looking at problems and finding solutions what a great film permaculture of the southwest.
on April 4, 2015
Our country is in a food crisis! We need people to grow food, and veterans need jobs. This is a win-win situation. Watch this documentary!

on March 18, 2015
I wish wholeheartedly that every American would watch this enlightening film. Watching this film is a way of supporting our returning veterans, particularly those with PTSD, because you will learn so much about their plight, and their deliverance by digging their hands in the soil…They heal themselves by doing so. Miraculous!

on March 11, 2015
Very encouraging documentary! Everyone should watch this film!

5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing!
on February 22, 2015
Amazing project! Way to go helping the vets! The land and the people are very hurt and I’m glad someone is stepping up to help both. A must see for anyone interested in helping vets and the earth.
on February 11, 2015
 I saw the whole documentary last November at the Stakeholder’s Conference, Des Moines Iowa. It’s a must-see for any veteran interested in farming.

5.0 out of 5 starsAn incredible film with a solution that works!
on February 6, 2015
This film is absolutely brilliant! It provides one simple and powerful solution to two complex problems: jobs and rehabilitation for our veterans, and securing our country’s food production. The farmer-veterans were inspiring and engaging, and I was moved by how they were able to reclaim their lives and in a way to continue their mission by working with the land and nurturing life through sustainable farming. It wasn’t preachy, and didn’t have any pro-war or anti-war hidden agenda. Just stories of hope and a solution that works. Honest and straightforward. The movie itself was really well done. Great cinematography, directing, editing, music, an all around well constructed doc. The shorter runtime kept it interesting and on point. I can’t recommend this highly enough. I salute our veterans in sustainable ag!

5.0 out of 5 starsGround Operations is amazing! It is a fantastic film that supports both …
on February 6, 2015
Ground Operations is amazing! It is a fantastic film that supports both veterans and sustainable, small farm practices. Win, win! I encourage anyone to watch and share this film and SUPPORT OUT VETERANS!

on February 6, 2015
As an Army combat veteran who is now living on an organic farm in Western Montana I give Ground Operations: Battlefield to Farmfields two thumbs up. Amazing job, Dulanie! Thanks for all that you do.

5.0 out of 5 starsYou will hear familiar voices from a recent past breaking into the wholeness of a brilliant future. Our Rotary Club felt privile

on February 6, 2015
Finally, a solution oriented approach for our returning veterans and their future. Ground Operations clearly relays the continuing challenges experienced by many veterans returning home. The grace comes in not leaving the vets there but respectfully acknowledging the intelligence, ambition, and potential of affecting America by their participation in farming enterprises. Once again these valuable sons and daughters of the United States can serve in its country’s future, and we with them.
Listen to the stories within Ground Operations. You will hear familiar voices from a recent past breaking into the wholeness of a brilliant future. Our Rotary Club felt privileged to be able to support the film. Any Rotary Club would.

5.0 out of 5 starsit was heartwarming to see my fellow Vets turning their energy into yet another wonderful service to the country they love
on February 5, 2015
Watched this film tonight. As a Veteran myself, it was heartwarming to see my fellow Vets turning their energy into yet another wonderful service to the country they love. The film was great and my only fault with it was it was too short, I watched a second time immediately after watching it the first time because it was so good.

on February 5, 2015
America needs a million new farmers. Veterans want the job!
My favorite scene is where a young farmer is holding two baby goats in his arms, “I just got these on Craigslist!” Our veterans have a multitude of skills in computers, machinery, management, teamwork, long days and hard work.
Our veterans are looking for new challenging careers at the same time that the USDA is calling for one million new farmers and ranchers in the next ten years to replace the 50% of American farmers who are at retirement age. Agriculture’s problem is the veterans’ solution. Citizens are clamoring for access to more affordable, locally grown, fresh food in their communities, from the urban core to the suburban and rural countryside. The Cavalry coming over the hill is just that — it’s the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and National Guard. In a world full of problems, GROUND OPERATIONS is a story about solutions.

5.0 out of 5 starsSuch great stories and inspiration
on February 5, 2015

As a veteran’s wife and a small scale farmer I can relate to this film. Such great stories and inspiration.

on February 4, 2015
This film does a fabulous job of bringing the view into the world of the soldier returned from battle including the struggle to forge a meaningful new career path and integrate back into society. The opportunity and great synergy in bringing together returned veterans with organic farming brings hope and inspires action. These are real stories. The tremendous long term potential of this movement is too important to all of us to miss. You absolutely must watch this film.

on February 4, 2015
Loved this movie! Well put together, nice mix of facts & figures to substantiate the message, “we need veteran farmers.” It easily spells out the problems that many of our military encounter while providing a viable solution. Helps identify a new mission, the healing powers of working the earth (creating something with your own two hands) while feeding ourselves and our neighbors wholesome food. Definitely should be part of all TAP (Transitional Assistance Program) briefings!

5.0 out of 5 starsWatch this movie!
on February 4, 2015
For the first time in decades the number of our farmers is increasing in the U.S. This documentary and and the grassroots movement it both documented and sparked are the reasons why. Veterans, their loved ones, those interested in local and organic foods and farming, and anyone who wants to see our world a greener, cleaner, and better place must watch this film.
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?

on February 4, 2015
This was a very powerful film for me, as a military spouse. My husband and I intend to become market growers once he retires from the Navy, and this documentary opened my eyes to how very fortunate we are that he came back from ‘over there’ the same person he was when he left. The same can’t be said for many of our soldiers and sailors, and aren’t we fortunate as a country that so many of them have answered the call to provide food for the same country they previously answered the call to serve.
on February 4, 2015
This film depicts a much needed solution to problems many are continuing to search for answers to. How to we help our brave veterans who return from war and can’t fit into the corporate world? How do you translate skills that are relevant to the military but do not translate into civilian life? How do we solve the problem of monoculture dominating our country while there is an increasing desire for artisan, slow food, local, sustainable, & organic food? What will happen when most of the independent farmers retire and no one wants to continue farming in this manner? This film wonderfully depicts the win-win-win solution of transitioning military heroes into agriculture and how it answers all of these questions. The USDA is calling for 1,000,000 farmers in the next 10 years to feed our country and many veterans have the work ethic, drive and determination to move from the battle field to the farm field. This is an excellent movie that offers hope and solutions for vocation, mind, body and souls for soldiers who have served in combat!!!

5.0 out of 5 starsas well as the understanding that there are others like me. This documentary gives hope not only to …
on February 4, 2015
Incredibly powerful and uplifting documentary about the connections created between veterans and the land. As a veteran and aspiring farmer, I received a lot of validation for the path I am making for myself, as well as the understanding that there are others like me. This documentary gives hope not only to veterans and their support programs but also to the local and sustainable food movement.

on February 4, 2015
This is an important film for our time. It illustrates in an intelligent and entertaining manner the issues faced by soldiers as they return to the country for whom they have made huge sacrifices. It is human on a human scale, yet it speaks to the issue of American priorities an the path we are taking as a nation. It is a great way to share something meaningful with family and friends who may have different political beliefs because it speaks to everyone about some basic American values: homeland, food, service to country, family, community, overcoming adversity.

on February 4, 2015
I am an Air Force veteran who turned to farming at the young age of 52. I am very well aware of the need to veterans to become farmers and ranchers, and the challenges they face. Support the veterans–and the farmer veterans. Say hello to www.FarmVetCo.org, www.GroundOperations.net, www.HGBH.org, just to name a few. The movie was excellent and clearly depicts a true need and solution. Grab some friends, put this on your 50-inch tv, and share the popcorn. You will be glad you did.
review image

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

on February 4, 2015
Important, forward thinking and motivating film. I appreciate Dulanie’s work and vision for our country.

5.0 out of 5 starsA great way to solve 2 problems at once
on February 4, 2015

This is a huge problem and the struggle is real. A great way to solve 2 problems at once. I love the idea of giving our troops an outlet by which to channel their anger/emotional stress, while simultaneously assisting in the crisis that is the “irony of ecology” … our natural food shortage.

5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a fantastic movie that documents a growing issue and related solution …
on February 4, 2015
This is a fantastic movie that documents a growing issue and related solution in the US. Farmers are retiring more quickly than there are young people taking up the vocation, and returning veterans are having huge issues reintegrating after service. A must watch.

on February 3, 2015
Informative and moving. Well done. I loved it.

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome movie. Shows how important programs like these are …
on February 3, 2015
Awesome movie. Shows how important programs like these are to Vets returning. Watch it, and start growing. It really does help everyone and builds community.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat film!
on February 3, 2015
I love how farming is framed as a national security issue, and the idea that farmers are saving the world.

on February 3, 2015
I have viewed this film several times with different groups of people. Every time I am impressed by the incredible response of the audience. No one leaves but stay for the Q &A afterwards. Individuals are profoundly moved by the subject and presentation in the film. It is a very impressive film that I expect will have a very long life. Don’t miss this.

on February 3, 2015
This important film shows how farming not only helps veterans heal emotionally, but also helps them find meaning in their lives post-service. very much worth watching,

on February 2, 2015
It’s distressing to me to see how many vets come home traumatized and rudderless. Oh how happy I was to see this film, which chronicles a beautiful transformation. Troubled vets pick up a bag of seeds, plant them, nurture them to harvest and in some wonderful way, they begin to heal. And we need farmers. The knowledge is fading with the older generation and these young men and women are picking up the challenge. They see how farming is a way to continue expressing their love for America. It’s beautiful to see. I loved this movie.

5.0 out of 5 starsWill leave you full of hope!
on February 2, 2015
This is a powerful documentary offering a powerful solution for both helping our broken food system and our wounded warriors. Dulanie does an incredible job of taking you on a journey through what our men and women in service experience during war and the sometimes hard-to-see wounds they bear as a result. The featured stories of veterans transitioning into agriculture are highly moving and inspirational. This is a must see film that will leave you full of hope.

5.0 out of 5 starsA film every human should see
on February 2, 2015
I laughed, I cried but mostly my eyes were opened to a beautiful world where our American vets are coming home and continuing to do good things for their country. Everyone should see this film!
on February 2, 2015
this is a brilliant heart-felt documentary showing how returning vets can heal and become self sufficient by learning to farm. I highly recommend it. Carole Dean, author The Art of Film Funding.

on February 2, 2015
This is not your typical independent movie. It’s a forthright and compelling look at how military veterans can enter into farming at a scope and scale at which they can find success. As the farmer-veterans tell their own stories in their own words, it becomes clear how valuable agriculture can be in their lives.
This film manages to pull at heartstrings without any sense of cloying manipulation. In other words, it’s honest. Watch the move and learn.
on February 2, 2015
Incredible film. It clearly condenses multiple complex social issues into practical real-world solutions – while highlighting the characteristics that make us all proud of the men and women who served.
on February 1, 2015
This is an amazing and inspiring film! Hopeful and helpful, and full of creative problem solving. It was heartwarming to see the healing in action. I recommend this film for everyone!

5.0 out of 5 starsYou can change the world
on February 1, 2015
This film can be a helpful guide. This is a truly inspirational film about how farming & growing can heal our Veterans & ultimatly transform our food system. A must see for anyone concerned with creating a regenerative future!
on February 1, 2015
If you or anyone you know ever needs convincing of the worthwhile attributes of horticulture and agriculture as a healing art, view this film. Not only will you come away convinced that the two can heal us, they can also heal the earth. And put the talents and energy of our veterans to work they are supremely trained for and willing to undertake. Watch this film. The best time you’ll have spent in a good while.

on February 1, 2015
Amazing film that stirred me to action! As an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam era and a lover of growing food, I quickly saw a call to duty to bring those two aspects of my life together. A group of us formed the nonprofit Growing Healthy People with the mission of training veterans to grow our food. Totally inspired by Ground Operations. Thanks, Dulanie, for bringing such a powerful documentary to the screen and to our social conscience. Together we will make a difference. Cheryl Besenjak

on February 1, 2015
Prepare to have your understanding of vets expanded and your sensibilities about food enraged. With power, respect, drama, and love, this film takes you where you couldn’t ever go unless you’re a veteran of the Middle Eastern wars or a farmer. And let’s face it, how many of us are? Enjoy and be changed!

5.0 out of 5 starsA must watch!
on February 1, 2015
A fantastic film! Highly recommended.

on February 1, 2015

Produced and directed by Dulanie Ellis, “Ground Operations” tells an almost literal swords-to-ploughshares story of the solving of two American problems with one solution.

Problem One: Our nation’s treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is shameful – as evidenced by unemployment, homelessness, suicide, mental illness, and the well-documented inability of the Veterans Administration to respond to disability claims in a timely manner.

Problem Two: Our national and global populations continue to grow out of control, approaching 9 billion this century. The United States is facing a serious farmer shortage. (The world, of course, a devastating shortage of food and drinking water.)

Ellis tells the story of a movement to help Iraq and Afghanistan veterans find training and work as farmers – work that turns out to be both meaningful and healing. She interviews authorities, but it is the veterans themselves who tell the story – of the horrors they experienced, of the state of their health and their lives upon return, and of how farming dramatically improved their well-being and gave them meaningful employment, or even restored a meaningful, purposeful life.

We learn, too – and not surprisingly – that in entering the plant and animal growing business these veterans are discovering the many food issues that have been so well documented by filmmakers within the last couple decades. Issues of food quality, issues of the economics of growing and distribution, and issues of public health.

It appears our veterans will be having a positive impact on these issues.

As the film ended I found myself reflecting on our national awareness of people with disabilities, that it seemed awareness and concern for them expanded during and after the Vietnam War – as a result of the hundreds of thousands wounded young men who returned to an unhappy, unsupportive world. It also seems that this societal evolution peaked with the 1990 signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act. No doubt it was the activism of veterans that fertilized these societal changes. So, I wax hopeful when I imagine that veterans entering the food growing worlds will have a favorable impact on food quality and distribution issues.

5.0 out of 5 starsOORAH!
on January 31, 2015
Just what we needed as veterans! Direction and decompression both offered in the suggestive actions of this movie.
Thank you from an Iraq War Hospital corpsman who knows that the only way back to humanity from combat is through nA/Uture.

on January 30, 2015
Powerful. Thought Provoking. Inspiring. Totally worth it.
on January 30, 2015
Soil. Soul. Healing. These experiences are the perfect antidote to war. I fell in love with this movie, which is very personal and powerful with the stories of real soldiers coming home to learn how to work as farmers and sustainable farmers, at that. Ground Operations will first break then open your heart. The idea that America needs so very many farmers, and that so many soldiers need jobs but more importantly need to feel useful to their country, and that they can be given the opportunity to learn how to plow their emotions into their fields, is so essential to the future of our country. This movie quickly encapsulates the issues and the solution. A rare thing in a film to provide a solution. Ground Operations does the job.

Watch Ground Operations on Amazon!