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Ground Operations DVD Cover 2014
Ground Operations Field Manual

The NEW DVD Field Manual Is Here!

Packed full of resources, the Ground Ops Field Manual is a
12-page guide tucked neatly inside every DVD cover!  It’s a launchpad to answers for veterans’ questions, including:

  • Where can veterans find farmland?
  • How can they pay for it?
  • Is the government helping?
  • Are there other veterans doing this?
  • Who will train them?

What You’ll Find Inside the Field Manual:

Veteran-Operated Training Farms

A list of veteran training farms all around the country – organic farming, hydroponic, soil-based, beekeeping and more.

Farm Credit & FSA Lending

Farm Credit Resources – where to get help with business plans, financial literacy, lending to farmers, and other financial needs.

Non-Profits & Organizations

Find info on organic, biodynamic, and sustainable
agriculture non-profits.

Colleges, Universities & Programs

A list of 100 schools and programs (2 per state) with organic or sustainable agriculture programs.

Finding Farmland

Find organizations beyond real estate agents to help locate available farmland, plus extra tips on this topic.

Government Resources

The top 4 government departments that are specifically helping veterans get into agriculture.

Get your questions answered inside the new DVD package!

Home Screening DVD: Price: $20.00   btn_buynow_SM

Community & Educational License: Price: $150.00    btn_buynow_SM

The license agreement affords you the right to show the film to a group or a number of individuals. It will be sent by email for your signature. Once returned with payment, we will send the Ground Ops Kit:

  • The DVD & Ground Operations Field Manual
  • The license agreement
  • Publicity poster
  • Postcards (optional, cost per amount ordered)


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