Predatory Practices


Running time : 19 minutes
English/Español | Available in DVD

According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is the fastest rising crime in the United States. Predatory Practices takes a hard look into a crime that is rocking the real estate industry and leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Whether it’s an elderly Hispanic woman, an elite gated-neighborhood or your local lender that are victimized, the entire community suffers when fraud occurs. This film is a cautionary tale, giving both the industry professional and the consumer tools to detect and protect against both the predatory lapse of professional standards and the outright criminal intent to defraud.

Director’s Notes

“Predatory Practices was a real surprise. When I was doing this film and friends would ask what I was working on, every time I’d mention I was doing a piece on real estate fraud, they would have a story to tell. It became a bit spooky. Fraud was pervasive and there were as many variations on a theme as you could imagine. The sustained real estate boom brought out slippery ethics in otherwise good guys and was a virtual playground for the hard-core criminals.”


“After viewing Home Grow’n, I knew Walk Your Talk Productions was the perfect choice to produce our film, Predatory Practices, about the complex topic of real estate fraud. It’s educating both professionals and consumers about this crime.”
Kay Runnion, Government Affairs Director
Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS

“Having personally viewed Predatory Practices, I was extremely impressed by the quality and breadth of information contained in it. The experts presented in the film convey valuable insight to the viewing public, and the real-life examples illustrate the potential harm real estate fraud can pose to consumers.”

Greg Totten, Ventura County District Attorney

Running time : 19 minutes
English/Español | Available in DVD

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