People Like You


Running time : 77 minutes (feature)
Running time : 15 minute (sampler) | Available in DVD

Disaster preparedness is prudent, not paranoid! No matter where you live in America, road closures, power outages, flooding, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes are a fact of life. Less likely, but possible, is a pandemic or terrorist incident. Are you prepared to protect your loved ones and yourself? Your community?

The government and our first responders all warn us that in a major disaster help is not coming for hours, days, perhaps weeks. There simply aren’t enough of them. It is imperative that citizen volunteers, people like you, have some training to bridge the gap until professional help arrives. Where can you get that training? All over the country, in neighborhoods like yours, classes and certifications are being given for CERT: Community Emergency Response Teams.

People Like You” gives you the essential information from an actual CERT class given in California. Rich in imagery, fast paced and packed with vital strategies, this film covers Emergency Supplies, Utilities, Communications, Natural & Man-made Threats, Search & Rescue, Travel & Terrorism, Medical Triage, First Aid and Disaster Psychology in lively, easy-viewing chapters.

People Like You” was produced with the certain knowledge that in any kind of a disaster, if you’re not part of the solution, you’ll be part of the problem. It’s the goal of CERT training and this video, to help you become part of your community’s solution.

Presented by Fire Captain Steve Lazenby, and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ojai-West (CA), the DVD contains both the feature length version (77 minutes) and a sampler piece (15 minutes) that can be shown at events with time constraints. Emergency supply checklists for the automobile and home are included on the inside covers.

Director’s Notes

“The challenge with “People Like You” was to avoid making the kind of film that put us all to sleep in our high school classroom. You know…. those boring educational films. We also wanted to make sure we weren’t fear-baiting, exploiting people’s fear. Rather, we took the amazing training that Capt. Steve gives in this 18-hour class and crafted a thorough-yet-concise film that you can either watch in one sitting, or you can go in and cherry-pick chapter topics of interest one at a time. We were supplied with images from all over the country that tell a riveting visual story as well.

It’s a crazy world, but you don’t need some major drama event to make this film worth your $20 bucks. Just the peace of mind that comes with a well-stocked pantry, or how to set someone’s broken arm with stuff from the trunk of your car, or how to safeguard your next vacation are worth the price of admission. One friend, who saw the rough cut, turned it off 10 minutes in (after Emergency Supplies) and said, “okay, that’s worth my $20. Sign me up!” Hope you feel the same.”


“I had never tried our home fire extinguisher. Now I feel confident I know how, and more importantly, when  to use it!”
Alice Gardner
Rotary Club (past President)

“This is the perfect gift — for anyone. Everyone I know can benefit from ‘People Like You’.”

Shirley La Barre
Women’s Club

“’People Like You’ allows the viewer to leave behind the fear of being a victim. Knowing it is within our capability to respond to a disaster is the empowering message of this film.”
Lou Torres, C.P.A.

Running time : 77 minutes (feature)
Running time : 15 minute (sampler)
Available in DVD
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