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Newsletter – April 2014

    Ground Operations Launches On Roku!   Ground Operations is now available for live streaming on Olive Tree Pictures new Roku Channel! Ground Operations is excited to announce that we have partnered with Olive Tree Pictures to make the film available streaming right to your TV on Roku. Olive Tree Pictures distributes film, documentaries, and short […]

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Newsletter – March 2014

    Great Success in Midwest Film, farmers, friends and veterans Busting the Midwestern Myth I don’t know about you, but when I think of Midwest farming, I think of unending fields of waving GMO corn and countless CAFOs (“confined animal feeding operations” = factory farmed pigs).  And that certainly exists. But who knew that there was […]

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Newsletter – January 2014

  Vote NOW!!   Share with friends like crazy!! Ends Feb.3     Top Transformational Films of 2013: Viewers Choice Awards Vote: Ground Operations The Aware Guide offers a compilation of films and articles about social issues, health & wellness, the environment & consciousness.Ground Ops is one of 20 films in competition for the Aware Guide Awards: […]

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Newsletter – December 2013

    Wishing you the joy that you’ve brought to us this year … Ray and I thank you deeply for your support of this film and our national campaign to support combat veterans who are transitioning to new careers as organic farmers, sustainable ranchers and artisan food producers. As we move into the holiday […]

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Newsletter – November 2013

  Thanks-Giving For the farmers who bring the harvest to our tables! Veterans Day in the Nation’s Capitol What a week!  We started at the National Institute of Food & Agriculture (USDA), screening for about 80-100 staff. We met Calvin Riggleman (center below) of Bigg Rigg Farm who joined our panel after the film. Sonny Ramaswamy, […]

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Newsletter – October 2013

  On to Capitol Hill!  “Veterans need real options when they are coming back, they don’t need programs or some pamphlets or a little bit of counseling. They need options that are going to allow them to take care of their families, pay their bills, and start a new life!” – Phil Northcutt, US Marine […]

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Newsletter – September 2013

Two film festivals, three military bases, two universities and a goat farm. Ground Operations is on the move!   September is shaping right up… Ground Operations is the cover story for this month’s issue of Organic Gardening magazine — Woo hoo! You’ve been cheering us on as we produced the film, now we can all celebrate as Ground […]

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Newsletter – June 2013

Let the Social Action Campaign begin…. Simply producing a documentary film is not enough, not if you want to impact change. Audience engagement is vital.  The Ground Operations social action campaign creates an evening of delicious, farm-fresh food; a veteran-farmer who speaks about their journey from the military into agriculture; a screening of Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields;  and […]

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