Newsletter – March 2016

Newsletter – March 2016


Ground Operations & Veteran Farms Expanding Reach

This inviting photo (above) was shared by Southern Farm & Garden magazine, which is featuring a story about Ground Ops and the Farmer Veteran Coalition (“Homegrown by Heroes”) in their Spring issue, now available at Barnes & Noble. (Click here for a Sneak Peak!)  I’m also excited to share the news from several of   the veteran farms and food businesses across the country – all of whom are expanding their programs, reaching more vets and providining more delicious food!   Read on ……

Boston Welcomes “Juliet”

Veteran and executive chef, Josh Lewin and his partner have just opened a  new restaurant, Juliet, that is serving eye-popping, salivating food 7-7-7 (that’s 7 days a week from 7:00am-7pm). This has been several years in the making, so support a veteran and send word to all your East Coast friends to plan a meal there soon!

Veteran Homestead for Sale 

Amazing opportunity for someone who wants to step right into a working 40-acre organic farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Two dwellings – one a hand-hewn 3 bdr. log cabin, also a 1,000sf apartment above the shop; orchards, 1/2 acre garden, 20 acres of woods & 20 of fenced pastures, hoop house, 2 ponds, bee hives, tractor, hens & goats, and much more.  Asking $285,000 (makes me want to leave California for this!)

Call Wendy: 417-668-0055 or email for the flier:

Even before we had VA research to prove our impact, groups from over 20 states across the country have contacted GV asking us to bring our model to their home towns. We have finally begun the initial stages of building a certification training process that will allow us to invite them to come learn our model, then go back home with the knowledge and tools to effectively implement a version of it that is specific to their own unique communities.

In an attempt to gather information and make the training as effective for these groups as possible, we’ve designed a quick survey to help us understand our audience and their needs.

Click here for the Outpost Training Survey

Organic/Sustainable Ag Programs
Top 100 Colleges & Universities

Whew – we finally got descriptions of almost 100 educational institutions that have every level of agricultural adventurism you can imagine, by state, listed on our website. From 6-month immersion courses to graduate programs and the whole enchilada in-between.  There’s no substitute for a good education, whether it comes from the mouth of a mentor, experience in the field or beating the books in class — and it’s usually all three along with your own growing experience.

Have some fun and cruise through the possibilities on our College Programs.

Heroic Food:
Full-Year Immersion
 Apply Now for 2016 – almost full
New York: Hands-on training & comprehensive instruction; paid apprenticeship placement on local mentor farms; housing on the Heroic Food Farm; individual support & mentoring; spouses welcome. Founder, Leora Barrish, is speaking this weekend at the Empowering Women Veterans in Agriculture conference.

Ground Operations has just received the Dove Family Approved Seal for movies and other entertainment products that portray and encourage positive values for the “faith and family” market. If your church or community group would like to do a screening, please contact:

Golden Coast Mead Expands

Founded by Navy vet Frank Golbeck and two partners, Golden Coast Mead has steadily grown. They now have six tongue-tantalizing flavors of mead (honey wine for the uninitiated). They expanded their tasting room hours in Oceanside, CA, will be pouring at a raft of festivals & events throughout the spring and summer and best of all ….. CAN SHIP TO 35 STATES now!!! Do not tarry my friends. This elixir is truly the bees knees. Check their website for a chuckle and more info:

Best Year at Veterans Farm
Founder, Adam Burke

“One of my proudest and most accomplished years was 2015. The Veterans Farm organization that I founded in 2009 was able to directly help over 583 veterans last year with over 67,000 website visits. An audit/evaluation was conducted by a 3rd party that found we exceeded expectations. For all my young brothers coming up in this world “forget about high societal status” it means nothing without accomplishment. Find something you are passionate about, work hard, never make excuses and you’ll make your mark on this earth.”

Click here for the 2015 Veterans Farm Project Evaluation

WV Veterans & Warriors to Agricuture:  Beekeeping 

This program’s last class trained 87 veterans (and family members) as beekeepers! They have a total of 277 veterans in the program (in a very small state). Nurturing those little ‘worker bees’ is the truest form of food security and a great meditative practice to boot.



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