Newsletter – June 2015

Newsletter – June 2015


Everyone has a dream…

This one came true for an Army couple.

Neither Mike nor Elaine Vandivers grew up on a farm; but after deployments overseas in the Army, the call of the country was strong. They found this 1901 former-dairy farm, and knew it was the perfect spot to start a new business raising alpacas for good breeding stock and a cache of high-value alpaca wool. Now they each work an off-farm job, well three actually, and then take care of their bevy of pregnant babes in the field at o-dark-thirty in the a.m. and again in the evening.  A lot of work to be sure, but they believe they are living the dream! Check them out: Old Homestead Alpacas.


Morgan Boyd spent 12 years, first as an enlisted man, rising to the rank of Captain, about to become a Major in intelligence work, when PTSD brought an end to his Army career. Fortunately, the family farm was waiting. Now he’s doing a PhD program in Public Policy and helping tend a growing farm with his brother, Eric, hoping to start a training program for other vets next year with Cal-Poly State University. Check them out at:  Pepper Creek Family Farms.
 Eric Boyd, also a reconnaissance scout in the Army made it through two tours of Iraq. Returning home he got his degree in Soil Science, teaches it at Archi’s Acres, and (ironically) grows the most beautiful lettuce, hydroponically in a soil-less medium! (Along with row crops, berries, fruit trees, rabbits, sheep, etc.)
In May, we had screenings at the University of Washington, hosted by the Student Veterans Center and then joined the Vandivers at an Elks Lodge event in Walla Walla, WA.
As June bloomed, we screened at the San Luis Obispo Farm Bureau (CA) and the next night joined the Boyd brothers, Farmer Veteran Coalition and Archi’s Acres for a panel discussion at Cal-Poly’s Center for Sustainability.

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