Newsletter – December 2014




Tis the Season

To gather loved ones by a fire, delight in tasty treats and share stories of hope and inspiration.  

We at Ground Operations will be telling stories about you and all the other fine people across this country who are advocating and working in the fields for food that is fair, eco-safe, affordable and nutritious.  We think that’s a basic human right. So do the veterans who are joining the ranks of organic farmers, sustainable ranchers & artisan food producers. We’ve met amazing farmer-veterans this year.

In 2014, thanks to your support, Ground Operations screened at the USDA, twice on Capitol Hill, at 5 film festivals, 8 national conferences, 22 community events, 30 universities and launched on iTunes, Google Play and now, Amazon.

We wouldn’t be here without you!  So toast yourselves from us with some eggnog (pastured-poultry eggs, of course),

Dulanie, Ray and Adam and all the veterans we serve….


Now on Amazon!  In time for Santa!!

We hope you will consider sharing the Ground Operations story as a gift for your friends and family this holiday season.  

When the presents have all been opened and you want to kick back with some chocolate and watch a movie, this is an uplifting story where the good guys win!

Buy it on Amazon, or buy it from our website and we can send a gift card from you. (Just fill in their address in Send To). Or simply rent it from iTunes.

DVD Giveaway Program

If you would like to donate a DVD with a Community/Educational License & the Get Farming Resource Guide to a veteran organization (or a food & social justice non-profit, environmental group, school, church, or MANY of these), we can do that in $100 increments. Simply choose the DONATE button on the website that offers the tax-deductible option.  If you have particular beneficiaries in mind, give us their contact information so we may send them the gifts in your name. If you want us to choose the groups, we’re happy to do that.

Gobble Gobble

Farmer-veteran Robert Elliott (USMC) saw a lot of the world with his military career before settling back down in rural North Carolina.  He is building a new life for his family on Cypress Hall Farms raising your Christmas turkey, pork, rabbits and chickens with rotational grazing. “Homegrown by Heroes” is the only label I will carry,” says Robert.
(Thanks to the Farmer Veteran Coalition for this story).







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