Grow Food Party Crew

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Home farming, Victory gardens and edible landscaping are sweeping the country. The Grow Food Party Crew turns work into play, gathering a group of friends and neighbors to make the garden installation a party event! The short film captures the spirit and the back cover gives the “How-to-Party-Crew-Guide” so folks anywhere can host their own Grow Food Party Crew.

Director’s Notes

This film was made almost as an afterthought. I was simply involved with some folks to start a home farming movement in our valley. This was our first veggie garden installation. The idea is to do edible garden installations like old-fashioned barn raising — bringing food to eat, music, kids, dogs, the works and have a good time doing the job. So I quickly called Michael to see if he could shoot that first summer evening when we met to plan the garden and he dashed over with a camera. Then we shot the actual “dig in” evening.  And voila….a mini film was made (well, with a bunch o’ hours editing and some music of course). In the next year, over 40 gardens went into home yards!

Running time : 7 minutes (short)

Available in DVD

Our price: $12.00