Grange Farm School – Call for Applications by 2/20

Grange Farm School – Call for Applications by 2/20

The California Grange is a historical organization composed primarily of farmers. I had the good fortune to do a series of Grange screenings last year with the President, Bob McFarland, and he took me to see their resurrected Grange Farm School in Northern California.  A sweeter place would be hard to find – a green, green valley embraced by oak-studded hills, with tent cabins for student residents. If I were a veteran, looking for a place to begin learning organic farming, this would be it.  This 14-week course begins in April. If that’s too soon for you, another is coming round the bend in July.  A great opportunity at a VERY reasonable price that includes housing and meals.


The Grange Farm School is looking for a special kind of student. You think holistically rather than in parts. You see the importance of asking high quality questions. You are innovative, ambitious, persistent, and collaborative. You want to be part of the new face of agriculture that will transform our world for the better.

Our 14 week residential, Student Program offers you the tools and confidence to manage a successful agricultural enterprise, whether in farming, ranching, or related fields. You will live and work on a beautiful 5,000 acre ranch with diverse vegetables, grains, fruit trees, and livestock. Guest instructors and staff members provide a comprehensive curriculum in business management, industrial arts, animal husbandry, soil and ecology, and crop production, supported by an understanding of the theory and history of our food systems. You will leave with hands-on practical experience, and a framework for thinking outside the box, creative decision making, and communication that improves your business planning, community networking, and relationship building .

Grange Farm School programs are designed for practical people who are ready to make a difference in the real world. Students with a desire to enter a career in agriculture equipped with essential skills, knowledge, and resources. Students who want to be among the million new farmers, ranchers, and small businesses this country needs in order to transform agriculture through creative and profitable enterprises.

Grange Farm School is part of the movement to make that happen. Are you ready to join? Then take the next step by contacting us at or visiting our website: OR blog:

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