The following listings are for people and organizations that are either featured in “Ground Operations” or that we have come into contact with as the film developed.  We hope they will help your journey or that of someone you know.

Growing Veterans
Chris Brown, Founder
6458 Martin Place, Lynden, WA 98264

The mission of Growing Veterans is to foster an environment where military veterans are empowered to be responsible stewards, leaders and active participants in their community.  Acknowledging the many issues that veterans face: unemployment, homelessness, suicide, divorce and depression – we believe that in most cases the root cause o f these issues is isolation. Isolated from the peers they served with, from family and friends, the community as a whole, it can be difficult for a veteran to remain resilient and get the proper support they need.  Growing Veterans provides a place where veterans can get together in support of a positive and worthy cause, feeding people, and allowing them to experience an informal peer-support setting, while encouraging them to use skills gained in the military or school to support the broader community with food security.

Peace Patch Farm
Liz Rivera Goldstein, Farm Owner & Program Administrator
Bob Logue, Farm Manager & Founder of Vet Connect

The founders of the Teen Peace Project & Vet Connect are joining together to create an agricultural training program for military veterans. This program is in the early stages. Applying Washington State University’s Sustainable Agriculture program, they will grow food, herbs and flowers for the local food bank and farmers market. Housing and training will be provided for 1-8 veterans per year, with possible stipend income.

Vets on the Farm
Vicki Carter, Director

Our mission at the Spokane Conservation District is to provide Veterans in our community an opportunity to combine their military service and skills with an education in conservation which will lead to agricultural based employment.  We provide Vets an opportunity to explore agriculturally based employment by offering programs and curriculum through WSU Extension and Spokane Community Colleges. Levels of completion will be available and include course certification up to an Associate’s degree. Vets will be able to explore partnerships and internships on local farms and other agriculturally based business opportunities.