New Mexico

The following listings are for people and organizations that are either featured in “Ground Operations” or that we have come into contact with as the film developed.  We hope they will help your journey or that of someone you know.

Desert Forge/Warrior Farmer Project
P.O. Box 5156,  Albuquerque, NM 87185
Victor Versace 

Their mission is to provide training and meaningful employment to fellow veterans on their three working farms in the Atrisco area of Albuquerque. Desert Forge goes beyond teaching the fundamentals of growing food and developing a business. It offers them the opportunity to find physical and emotional healing.  The farms are reviving the historical crop of green chilis, have a certified kitchen for developing value-added products, partner with a farmers market and work with the Community College of New Mexico for certification. Renewable energy, music and film therapy are also available to participants.

Veteran Farmer Project
505-217-2027 or 877-775-2667
La Montanita Co-Op: 901 Menual Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Robin Seydel, Community Development Coordinator

The VFP program is designed to (1) Get veterans involved in agriculture as a livelihood, (2) give veterans an introduction to basic farming and ranching skills, and (3) provide healing opportunities for veterans.  They raise food and sell it at the farmers market. Trainings include Whole Farm Business Planning, Record Keeping, Financial Planning, effective On-Farm Decision Making and Enterprise Analysis. They work with the local V.A. and offer a VA Recreation Therapy van to trainings.  Animal husbandry is a new venture, working in collaboration with Holistic Management International (see blog post).