The following listings are for people and organizations that are either featured in “Ground Operations” or that we have come into contact with as the film developed.  We hope they will help your journey or that of someone you know.

Anyone Can Farm
bakersgreenacres.com/acf (email form on the site)
Mark Baker, Farm Owner

Learn to grow food wherever you live, taught by Air Force veteran Mark Baker and his family, on 80 acres in Michigan. Continuing in the spring of 2013, courses on the complete guide to Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, Bio Char & Rocket Stoves 101, Introduction to Permaculture & Soils, Grass Feed Beef (Rotational Grazing), and Growing Vegetables will be held here at the Farm.The courses will be multiple day courses and you will lodge in the Anyone Can Farm Bunk House, Camp in the Camp Ground or stay at a local hotel.

Michigan State University Vets to Ag Program 
Tom Smith
Associate Director – MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology
(517) 353-4822 office
(517) 202-3019 cell

Vets to Ag is a unique program to train homeless U.S. veterans to work in agriculture.

Training is coordinated by the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology and is delivered by experts fromMSU faculty and staff, including MSU Extension, Kellogg Biological Station, and the private sector.

Training includes:

  • Basic plant and soil science
  • Equipment and workplace safety
  • Equipment operation
  • Computer skills
  • Integrated pest management
  • Training for the Michigan certified pesticide applicator exam
  • Specific training in a broad range of agricultural industries

Facilities & Timeline

This intense residential training program was conducted at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station with the initial training program going 25 days. A six-week training program was run for a second cohort and additional training for the first cohort.
The program includes room and board for the entire training period, classroom instruction and hands-on training. Funding is provided by the Veterans’ Services Division of the Michigan Workforce Development Agency, with additional support for equipment and supplies provided by the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation.