The following listings are for people and organizations that are either featured in “Ground Operations” or that we have come into contact with as the film developed.  We hope they will help your journey or that of someone you know.

Farmer Veteran Coalition
508 Second St. #206, Davis, CA 95616
Michael O’Gorman, Founder & Director

The Farmer Veteran Coalition is a national network of independent veterans-in-agriculture. Teamed up with the USDA, they offer educational retreats in sustainable agriculture all around the country,  that take place over a long weekend and are free to veterans and their spouses.  They have also held job fairs and are actively building a support network of mentors to assist with job training.   Strategic grants to launch farm/ranch operations are available through the Bob Woodruff Fellowship Fund.  Fellowship is an apt term for this group, they have been building a community of like-minded veterans for several years now.

Northcutt Ranch
Los Carneros (Napa Valley), CA

Northcutt Ranch is a veteran owned and operated ranch exploring viable options in  sustainability, organic farming, livestock, and a family-oriented ranching lifestyle. We believe that as stewards of life and land, we are the guardians of the world our children will inherit and that our resources must be managed in a way that reflects that ethic.  We believe that all the things we grow are medicines that enhance our quality of life and improve our health and well-being.

Note:  Northcutt Ranch is look for a Veteran Farm Manager, housing provided, to run the organic vegetable farm and enlist other veterans to help with the effort.  This is California’s famous wine country, some would call it paradise, that is within an hour of San Francisco.

Veterans’ Sustainable Agriculture Training (VSAT) at Archi’s Acres
760-751-4380, 800-933-5234
Valley Center, CA
Colin (USMC) & Karen Archipley, Founders

VSAT (Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training) trains transitioning service men and women to be successful in the sustainable agriculture industry. More than 100 graduates have left our farm ready to help feed our nation the highest quality food available using the least amount of natural resources, while tapping into a fast growing sector with unique opportunities for small business’s and family farms.  We assist with the job placement and business creation after classes end. Our graduates include successful farm owners and workers, soil-testing pioneers, restaurateurs, and owners of food companies.  (Take time to surf their site for all the opportunities they offer.)