Download Veteran Careers in Agriculture: A Resource Guide (.pdf) 
Whether you are just beginning you career in agriculture or you are a seasoned Farmer Veteran, this guide provides useful information on everything from training opportunities to business plans to organizations that can support your agriculture venture. There is a vast range of career opportunities in the agriculture industry, this guide can help you determine which route to take.

Download 2014 Farm Bill Benefits for Veterans (.pdf)
Here’s an excellent writeup from the Farmer Veteran Coalition and Drake University explaining the 2014 Farm Bill and how it applies to Veteran Farmers.

Download The U.S. Servicemember’s Guide to Academic Programs and Aid
A comprehensive guide from Thanks to Celine Brown for the submission!

Download NIFA’s Military and Veterans Portfolio (.pdf)
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), a branch of the USDA, has administered quality research and evidence-based educational programs that strengthen military and veteran families for thirty years. This document contains an overview of their programs, and partner programs they have contributed to.

Download Studying Sustainable Agriculture (.pdf)
A useful guide from which gives an overview of what a college degree program in Sustainable Agriculture might look like, and key points to keep in mind when choosing a program.