Other Films by Walk Your Talk

In addition to Ground Operations, Walk Your Talk Productions has several other powerful and educational films for sale

Little Secret

Little Secret

Ten kids, aged 13-19, all strangers except for two sisters, share nothing in common except their “little secret” – they all have HIV – and 100 miles of challenging white water rapids ahead.

Price: $99.00 educational rate (includes teachers’ guide).
Running time : 37 minutes (DVD)

Our price: $99.00


Good Stewards

“We all have to eat” opens Good Stewards, the latest of three films in the Sustainable Ag Series. This short doc (19 minutes) looks at the roles that consumers, farmers and policy-makers to be good stewards of the agriculture that feeds us. Home Grow’n, the second in the series,  explores how communities are preserving their precious farmland by using Smart Growth principles to develop their urban areas. Mi Casa Es Su Casa, began the trilogy, shining a light on the deplorable housing conditions that farm workers endure.  Each film was used as the opening to three different Ventura County (CA) Summits. They’ve been combined on one DVD to make it easy for other communities to deal with these closely integrated issues to preserve local agriculture.

Good Stewards Running time : 19 minutes
Home Grow’n Running time : 30 minutes
Mi Casa Es Su Casa Running time : 17 minutes
Available in DVD

Our price: $20.00

grow food icon

Grow Food Party Crew

Home farming, Victory gardens and edible landscaping are sweeping the country. The Grow Food Party Crew turns work into play, gathering a group of friends and neighbors to make the garden installation a party event! The short film captures the spirit and the back cover gives the “How-to-Party-Crew-Guide” so folks anywhere can host their own Grow Food Party Crew.

Running time : 7 minutes (short)
Available in DVD

Our price: $12.00


People Like You

No matter where you live in the world, flooding, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages and other emergency situations happen with regularity.  Are you prepared to protect and care for your loved ones?  First responders all warn us that in the event of a disaster, help is not coming, at least not for hours or days. There simply aren’t enough of them to help everyone. People Like You, citizen volunteers, need to have some training to bridge the gap. This film is an edited synopsis of CERT (Community Emergency Response Training).  This 75 minute film will give you the basic tools and information you need to be effective and prepared with a video the whole family can watch together, a chapter at a time.

Running time : 77 minutes (feature)
Running time : 15 minute (sampler)
Available in DVD
Our price: $10.00
Market price: $20.00 save 50%


Predatory Practices

 According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is the fastest rising crime in the United States. “Predatory Practices” takes a hard look into a crime that is rocking the real estate industry and leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Whether it’s an elderly Hispanic woman, an elite gated-neighborhood or your local lender that are victimized, the entire community suffers when fraud occurs. This film is a cautionary tale, giving both the industry professional and the consumer tools to detect and protect against both the predatory lapse of professional standards and the outright criminal intent to defraud.

Running time : 19 minutes
English/Español | Available in DVD

Our price: $20.00