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The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill really ought to be called the Food Bill, because it sets the federal government’s plan of action and funding for our food system for 5 years at a shot. So if you want more money for beginning farmers and ranchers (like our vets), or more help for farmers to convert to organic […]

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Easy Raised Beds

How smart is this? A variety of beautiful designs are stamped out of 100% recycled steel corners for raised beds. They are built with 2″ slots so you can just drop in 2x4s or 2×6 or 2×10, just stack up your boards and presto — new raised bed without any carpentry needed. Check it out […]

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Marine Veteran turned Entrepeneur!

Featured in our film is veteran, Mike Hanes.  Once a Delta Force Marine, later a homeless vet, then a student in the Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training, and now a budding entrepreneur, Mike is manufacturing the best “DANG!!” hot sauce! Mike’s new mission is serving humanity through both food and social justice for future sustainability.  Mike […]

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